Thursday, April 19, 2012

Real Food Wednesday

Yesterday was an interesting day for the boys as far as "real food" goes.  For breakfast, we had homemade granola with strawberries cut up in it.  Ben ate just a little, Caleb ended up with a NutriGrain bar (just about the most processed breakfast he could have), and Ben ate about  five bites of his before declaring he was finished. 

Lunch was popcorn (everyone loved that!), grapes (only Caleb likes those), berry smoothies (another universal favorite), celery with peanut butter (nobody ate it), and homemade cheesey crackers (not a hit.  I think I need to make them thinner and bake them longer).  The good news was that both boys seemed satisfied with what they did eat and didn't ask for anything else.

Dinner was homemade jambalaya.  Oh. My. Goodness. That was the most delicious jambalaya I've ever made (nevermind that it was the only jambalaya I've ever made...)!  It was absolutely delicious, and Scott, Caleb, and I gobbled it right up.  Ben was not a fan (he doesn't like anything "mixed up" like that), and ended up just eating a piece of whole wheat bread with butter on it.   We at least made him try one bite.

Snack yesterday was supposed to be cheddar cheese on Triscuits, but I didn't have Triscuits so instead I used Ritz crackers.  I know, I know, they are incredibly processed.  Sometimes, though, frugality wins out over healthiness and I just couldn't bear to let a whole box of Ritz go to waste.  When they are gone I will get Triscuits.  Ben loved his crackers but not his cheese, and we kind of forgot to give Caleb his snack because he woke up so late from his nap.  The boys also had apples, which they love to eat whole.  The only thing that bothers me about giving them whole apples as opposed to sliced is that they never eat the whole thing.  It is, however, much easier than having to slice them!

According to our meal plan, today's breakfast is smoothies and toast.  I'm pretty confident they'll do fine with that.  Lunch will be pb&j on whole wheat and some kind of sliced fruit (probably the pear that is about to go bad).  Again, I'm confident they'll do fine with that.  Dinner, however, is jambalaya again, and I'm wondering what we should do for Ben, since it has been established that he does NOT like it!  I hate making two dinners, but I hate even more being woken up at 5:45 am by a boy who is STARVING.  Maybe the boys can have eggs & toast or something...

All in all, I'd say our first few days of not eating processed foods have gone pretty well.  The boys aren't asking for junk, and Ben is even asking if certain foods are healthy for them.  And, the best part of all: Ben is having a much easier time going to the bathroom!!!

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