Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Calling

  • My Calling

    I went to a Mary Kay retreat over the weekend and had an epiphany.  Actually, it was more like a conversation with God. One of the speakers mentioned that we were put on this earth to do great things.  I always just thought that meant raising my boys to be righteous men.  But God told me otherwise over the weekend.

    I heard a lot of women talking about how we, as consultants, can do great things and bless many women's lives.  "It's all about the women," I heard.  It's not about me.  It's about them.  And every single one of us was meant to do great things for these women.

    I didn't believe that.  In fact, I was a little ambivalent toward my business because I didn't believe my calling was to bless women's lives.  My calling is, and always has been, to work with children.  How on earth would Mary Kay allow me to work with children?  It's not exactly best practice to facial a 5-year old. 

    Then God hit me over the head with his palm and said "You CAN help children.  You will use your business to help children."  Thus, my dream was born in a room with 700 women in a hotel in Kansas City:

    I am going to use my business to raise money, network, and eventually be able to retire my husband so that together we can do something huge.  I'm thinking building a school in Africa.  And it won't be next week or even next year.  I need to be realistic.  But I BELIEVE that within 20 years something big will happen.

    How awesome is that??  God has big plans not just for me but for everyone who will be a part of this.  From my husband and kids who will work with me toward this goal, to my friends and family who will stand by us and watch it happen, to my customers who will financially support this mission, to my director who will lead me toward leadership (oh yes, that is right.  I plan to be a leader in this company.  That's the only way I'll ever make enough money to get this thing going and meet enough women who will be able to help me), to my National Sales Director who will put me in touch with the people who can help make this happen.   Every single person I meet will play a role in this and I am SO excited for it.

    From now on, every dollar of profit I make will go toward something that is NOT me or my family.  In fact, God and I had that argument as well. 
    "But I want new shoes." 
    "Give the money away"
    "But I want new jeans"
    "Give it away."
    "But I want to take my kids to DisneyWorld"
    "Give it away."
    Sigh.  "Ok."

    We'll start with Operation Christmas Child, and work our way up to building a school in Africa.

    I am SO excited!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well, our Cash experience was short-lived.  Long story short, he found a forever family and they love him and he loves them and that is the end of our Cash story.


That is not the end of our foster dog story. 

A few days after Cash left, we found out Dixie needed a foster family.  This sweet girl (who looks just like our old Bailey-Boo) was a stray who was picked up by another shelter and was about to be euthanized because she had overstayed her welcome.  Our shelter (AHeinz57) rescued her, and she is now sleeping on her comfy bed about 6 inches from her new best friend, Beau.

Beau and Dixie just LOVE each other.  They play and wrestle and snuggle and follow each other everywhere.   They have such a close bond that I'm worried that when she finds a forever family Beau will be very depressed.   Add to that the fact that she is just the sweetest dog on earth and is so gentle and cuddly and timid (but not in the way that you think she'll bite your face off if you look at her wrong) and sweet, and we are seriously debating over here whether or not we should just adopt her.

Oh, and the boys love her too.  Every night Caleb prays for her, and every day the first one they seek out is Dixie.  They love to watch the dogs play with each other, and both of them love throwing balls for her (Dixie is great at fetch, by the way).

So, what to do, what to do?  Another large dog is definitely a financial commitment.  On the other hand, she does bring so much joy to all the "people" in this house (Beau included).  On the other hand, she sure is spunky first thing in the morning :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

Let's Add Another Boy!

Before you get all excited by the title of this, I just need to throw it out there that no, I am not pregnant. 

Ok.  Now that that's out of the way...

So, hands up for those of you who have ever made a crazy, spur of the moment decision that affects the whole family and possibly even other people's families.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Or how about anyone wishing they had the guts to drastically change the dynamic in the household?

Ok, now hands up for those of you who just always want to help the underdog.  Or just the dog, for that matter.  I know I have a lot of friends out there with servant-hearts.  Doesn't it just feel good to do good things for others?   To know that you could be a hero to someone?  To know that your actions just might make a difference in someone's quality of life?

Ok, now that we're on a roll, hands up for those of you who just loooooove all of God's creatures, especially dogs.  I realize there will probably be fewer hands up this time, but I know that there are plenty of dog-lovers amongst my friends and definitely in my family.  Right, Mom?  Didn't you once want to be a veterinarian?  For, like, my whole life?

Can you see where I'm going?

Tuesday morning I was going through Facebook and drinking my coffee, when I saw this cute guy in someone's status for the day:


Immediately, I called Scott at work (side note:  did you know that he leaves for work at the very unGodly hour of 6:15 every morning?  And that he likes it?  And that he actually was the one who set his hours?  Who does that?  How on earth does he function?), and the conversation went like this:

Me: "AH!"
Scott: "What?"
Me: "I have a proposition for you."
Scott: "Oh great."
Me: "You know how Beau needs a friend?"
Scott: "No.  No more dogs."
Me: "But we don't even have to pay for him!  There's this dog named Cash and he needs a foster home.  It says he's sweet and gentle with kids and gets along with other dogs!"
Scott:  "Hm.  Well, Beau does need a friend..."
Me: (squealing) "I know!!  And we don't have to pay for it!"
Scott: "Ok, let's do it."
Scott: "What kind of dog is it?"
Me: "You already said we could get him."
Scott: "What KIND?"
Me: "A St. Bernard."
Scott: "How big?"
Me: (whispering) "140 pounds"
Scott: "Ok."
Me: "Ok?"
Scott: "Yes, we can try it.  Beau needs a friend."

So I called the rescue and told them we could foster Cash and the next day I picked him up and he is now in our house.  We now have 230 pounds of dog living in our home.  Are we crazy?  Maybe.  But I have a feeling we just got some good brownie points with God.  Maybe it'll go like this when I get to the pearly gates:

St. Peter: "Sorry, I can't let you in."
Me: "Why not?"
St. Peter: "Remember that time you threw the banana?"
Me: "Oh yeah.  You're right.
         But remember the time we fostered the giant dog?"
St. Peter: "Oh yeah, you're right!  Come on in!"

Maybe?  Just maybe?

p.s.  If you're in the market for a super-sweet St. Bernard, let me know.  I have a great one here.  I'd keep him forever myself if I could afford to feed two huge dogs, but that's not the case.