Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine's Day (belated)

I've been on an Awesome Mama kick lately.  I know, I know, you are quite shocked because you thought I've always been an awesome mama, but the truth is most days I'm mediocre at best.  Most days it's all I can do to get through the day without screaming at somebody, and I usually spend half the day on Facebook (hence the hiatus.  But that's another story for another day, if I get around to it).  Usually my most creative moment with my children is coloring, or (gasp) painting.

But this Valentine's Day, I was pretty much awesome.  Look at what I did:

I made these pretty cool sensory bins for the boys. 

As you can see, they were quite a success.  They've enjoyed them for pretty much the whole month.  I get these things out and  the boys all go crazy.  This usually buys me a good 15 minutes at least!

These are the Valentines Munkin and I made for his class.  Pretty cute, if you ask me!

The boys got delicious heart-shaped french toast with nutella and strawberries, along with strawberry milk for breakfast.  Also note the mailbox full of goodies from the Target dollar bin and M&M's (they wouldn't fit).

They were pretty happy with their breakfast choice!

And, of course, since I'm on an Awesome kick, I got up early and made breakfast for Mr. (he leaves for work at 6:15 am, so I REALLY got up early).  He was pretty happy with his, too.

Snack time brought these delicious cherry pie pocket things:
(the boys didn't like them)

And this was lunch:
(hot dogs and pink mac & cheese)

After naptime, I tried the whole paint-in-a-ziploc thing.  It was ok.  They got bored pretty fast though.

Dinner was heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's:

And everyone had little gifts at their seats when they got up in the morning!

So, that was my one day of awesome-ness. 

I think that's enough to last me a while, right?

Bring on the Reinforcements!

Yesterday my in-laws came for a visit from New Hampshire.  Mr. and I are getting away for a night tomorrow night, and I'm not sure who was more excited for the grandparents' arrival- us or the boys.  Munkin Man could hardly contain himself the night before they came, and was up well past 9:30 because, as he said while throwing his arms up and down in excited exasperation, "I am JUST so EXCITED for GRAMMIE and PAPA to BE here!"  We had the same problem with naptime yesterday, until I threatened to not let him go to the airport with Daddy to pick them up unless he took a nap.

It was no wonder, then, that the second he saw them he started jabbering and did not shut up until his grandparents (not me, not his dad) tucked him in to bed.  When they arrived, exhausted, at our house at around dinner time, Munkin wasted no time showing them every. single. thing. in our house, as Bug toddled behind saying "yeah!" in agreement with his brother, as though he had to get his word in as well.

When I say everything, I mean everything.  A couple hours after they got here, we heard this coming from the bathroom:

"Papa!  Come look at my poop and wipe my butt!"

Welcome to Iowa, Grammie and Papa!