Thursday, October 18, 2012


Well, our Cash experience was short-lived.  Long story short, he found a forever family and they love him and he loves them and that is the end of our Cash story.


That is not the end of our foster dog story. 

A few days after Cash left, we found out Dixie needed a foster family.  This sweet girl (who looks just like our old Bailey-Boo) was a stray who was picked up by another shelter and was about to be euthanized because she had overstayed her welcome.  Our shelter (AHeinz57) rescued her, and she is now sleeping on her comfy bed about 6 inches from her new best friend, Beau.

Beau and Dixie just LOVE each other.  They play and wrestle and snuggle and follow each other everywhere.   They have such a close bond that I'm worried that when she finds a forever family Beau will be very depressed.   Add to that the fact that she is just the sweetest dog on earth and is so gentle and cuddly and timid (but not in the way that you think she'll bite your face off if you look at her wrong) and sweet, and we are seriously debating over here whether or not we should just adopt her.

Oh, and the boys love her too.  Every night Caleb prays for her, and every day the first one they seek out is Dixie.  They love to watch the dogs play with each other, and both of them love throwing balls for her (Dixie is great at fetch, by the way).

So, what to do, what to do?  Another large dog is definitely a financial commitment.  On the other hand, she does bring so much joy to all the "people" in this house (Beau included).  On the other hand, she sure is spunky first thing in the morning :)

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