Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Things...

Ok, I have two things to discuss:

1. Bug has Hand, Foot & Mouth disease.  I'm not convinced that the last time he was diagnosed with it he actually had it.  This time, I'm convinced, as he has a fever of 103 and sores in his mouth and on his hand.  I've seen these sores (unlike last time, when I didn't see them), so I believe it.  And he is miserable.  I can't wait for Saturday so Mr. can spend a little time with him!

2. Munkin Man has been absolutely terrible lately and I think it's because I've been slacking.  Time to toughen up again!  What really drives me nuts is when he commands (in a very whiny voice) me to do something.  My policy is that you ask politely in a big person voice if you want something.


What I need to hear is, "Mommy, can I have breakfast please?"

So much simpler.  So much less effort to say.  So much nicer.

He's also quite bossy with his brother, and has been taking toys away from him.  It is not smart to take toys from a sick baby.  Sick Baby's mama will be all over you in a second!  Keep Sick Baby happy at all costs, because he's Sick Baby!

So, Operation Straighten Up is in full effect.  I am rewarding and praising good behavior like crazy, and even the tiniest of infractions will land a boy in either time out or in his room.  And I'm not above taking away cars and trucks if it comes down to it.

Yes, I am that tough!

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